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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Fire 2

Poetry Corner Kicks lets The Game do the talking for this recap.

Zac MacMan-awesome.  Zac MacLarge-huge, Zac MacMan-muscle.
Zac MacMan-awesome. Zac MacLarge-huge, Zac MacMan-muscle.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

For many of my poetry recaps, I’ll try to take a theme from the game, a trend, or a special moment and let that guide the recap. In the case of this game, however, how do you choose one moment or one trend? You have the first game without Jack McInerney (I’m still digesting that one), we let Mike Magee back on the scoring sheet (like Marco Di Vaio last week), we gave up another late goal that cost us points, Leo Fernandes continues his hot start to the season, Chaco Maidana doesn’t see the starting line-up, Edu scored his first as a member of the Union, and of course, the late penalty double-save from Zac MacMath.

Whew! I’m exhausted from simply thinking of the headline possibilities! At this point, maybe we’ll just let The Game speak for itself…

People watch me from up in the stands
I’m the game where you cannot use hands
Some people say "football"
But I am what you call
A soccer game, here by demand!

I hosted the Union and Fire
To win here was both their desires
The game was exciting
With both the teams fighting
The whole match went down to the wire

I first saw that Mike Magee scored
It was early, Chicago was floored
But they just couldn’t add
To the lead that they had
And soon Philly got on the board

The Fire’s D simply were strollin’
So Edu could get his first goal in
The ball went past Johnson
Whose dive was left wantin’
The breath from the home fans was stolen

As a soccer game I’ve seen the highs
Of players as they claim the prize
Such is the case
With Fernandes’ fate
Whose star will continue to rise

For Leo’s free kick would find pay-dirt
His kick the D could not avert
From ten miles away
The ball found its way
The Fire were down and it hurt

The stats were not on Philly’s side
But the score was where they could take pride
But before time was gone
A goal came from Juan
And the Union would let their lead slide

I decided to let the teams play
For at least five more minutes today
Then Wheeler was caught
With a foul in the box
And Magee tried to put it away

Then a moment of goal-keeping brilliance:
Zac would announce his appearance
From the spot Mike would kick
But MacMath was too quick
And the young goalie showed his resilience

A point by the both teams was shared
As the final score showed it was square
The whistle was blown
The teams could go home
I’ll see you next week if you dare