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Opposite View: Three Questions with Mount Royal Soccer

We talk with Sofian Benzaza of Mount Royal Soccer and figure out what Union fans should expect for the away match in Montreal.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

1.) How has the Jack McInerney-for-Andrew Wenger worked out for Montreal so far?

JackMac scored on his first game for the Montreal Impact and played alongside Marco Di Vaio. Knowing that Andrew Wenger scored a goal the same day, one can say that both clubs won the trade, at least for now. Even though his profile seems close to Di Vaio's, I am pretty sure that Frank Klopas can find a way to play both strikers at the same; whether it is on a starting lineup or later in the game.

McInerney represents secondary scoring, depth, a good starter, a threat and any another tags you want to give him. He is a good forward that can make runs and even poach a few goals around the 18-yard box.  He will never have the effect Di Vaio has and the italian is a pure goal scorer, one of the best in the league.

It is now up to Klopas to play with his starting lineup to get the most out of everyone, including Jack Mac.

2.) What has changed with Montreal since the last time our teams met?

The Impact has still not won one game and took a shellacking at Kansas City as it fell to Sporting Kansas City 4-0. The club is still unable to defend properly and it goes beyond the back-line. Montreal is still able to create chances but as soon as the efficiency rate is under 100%, hope to get a win seems to fly away.

The Impact fans and media have been clobbering the club for its bad performances and even questioning Frank Klopas and Nick De Santis' (Sporting Director) competencies to steer the ship away from what seems is an inevitable free fall.

3.) Can the Impact rebound from their slow start to make the playoffs?

If the club gets its injured players back on its 18-man roster as soon as possible, there is a chance that making the playoffs stays as a relevant item on its agenda.

Even if the club signs a third DP in Ignacio Piatti by June-July, it might be too late to get back into the playoff race. If the Impact gets six points out of its next three MLS games, the playoffs is back on the menu.

Lineup and prediction s'il vous plait (that's about the extent of my French vocabulary...)

Perkins -  Miller,Camara ,Ferrari, Tissot - Bernier,Mallace,Warner,Felipe,Mapp - Di Vaio

Prediction: 3-1 for Montreal