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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Red Bulls 2

Poetry Corner Kicks expresses his frustration.

The Union just couldn't stop him.
The Union just couldn't stop him.
Mike Stobe

Well that didn’t go as planned. It was oddly reminiscent of how the New York Red Bulls got off the schneid last year: a 2-1 win in Harrison, NJ against the Philadelphia Union. The Union had the stats to back up a win, but as we have seen time and time again, stats don’t win games. On the plus side, at least we were finally awarded a penalty kick. Not that it mattered much in the end. The word I keep coming back to for this game is frustration. Let’s run with that...

The Union at New York’s home station
Philly’s play approached stagnation
And their fans grew in frustration
Could this game bring their salvation?

The time was short in its duration
When Henry caused excitation
His flip-kick, though a sensation
Was just off the destination

Wenger tried to lay foundation
But was off in calculation
Robles saved the provocation
Much to Union consternation

Joy was brought to Red Bull Nation
Henry scored (it’s his vocation)
Eric gained my admiration
When his flick caused celebration

Sam then earned his fan ovation
With his heading demonstration
Philly now in desperation
Losing now the implication

But in the box a situation:
‘kagya earned his own damnation
Red card was the declaration
‘Toux would bring some ministration

A win to Red Bull population,
Philly losing reputation,
In the standings: degradation
Looking for some vindication