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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Real Salt Lake 2

Poetry Corner Kicks is happy that the Union had a late goal of their own this time.

These three guys are making things exciting.
These three guys are making things exciting.
Mitchell Leff

When they want to, the Philadelphia Union can play with the best teams in the league.  Perhaps they can even beat the best teams in the league.  But until they fix their mental gaps, they won’t BE the best team in the league.  It’s hard to fault the Union for giving up two goals against a very good Real Salt Lake, but it was frustrating to see another late goal conceded.  At least the Union were able to get a late goal of their own this time.  Oh, and Andrew Wenger scored.  How ‘bout them apples?

Another game, another point for Philly’s men in blue
Against a stingy RSL, they tied them two to two
Things got started early in this match at PPL
In minute six a penalty was given RSL
MacMath stood tall again to stop another PK shot
The rebound found Mulholland’s feet and Zac’s save was for naught
Already down by one the Union fought to gain possession
The game was getting out of hand, they needed more aggression
Zac would make another stop, his kick save kept it close
Then Wenger’s chip almost went in but skipped off the top post
After half the Union found a way to call it even
Nogueira’s cross found Wenger and the fans started believin’
Attinella couldn’t save the shot from Wenger’s feet
As he dove the ball went in, he knew that he’d been beat
Later Leo showed again his growth and maturation
But Casey’s strike went in the sky much to our consternation
Then the Union played a song we all have come to know:
In minute eighty-five a goal was given to their foes
This time the Union also had an answer coming late
Edu headed in a goal to save the team some face
Another tie was in the books, the Union now have four
A win on Wednesday would be nice against Red Bull New York