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Game of Moans

Despite MacMath rising from the ashes of a poor performance to pull off a miraculous, phoenix-like ascension to savior, the Union's ability to throw away points on the road left yet another bad taste in the mouth.

Let Down in Chi-Town

With the Union making like Cesar Millan and dropping another lead we now have more ties than Men's Wearhouse, and despite what that frankly creepy-looking guy says in their ads, I do NOT like the way we look. Against the Fire the midfield's performance was more disjointed than Justin Bieber's private plane right before a police raid, but on the bright side The Union did score two goals in one game, and from two different midfielders no less, as just like SEPTA the coaching staff are apparently determined to make do without any strikers.


So how did the Union look in the aftermath of the big trade? Not too clever, if this game is anything to go by, however one swallow doesn't make a summer. On a pitch that was about as smooth as Lot A at PPL Park it was difficult to play any kind of flowing football but the Union did themselves no favors with an historically bad passing display. Perhaps the enforced changes didn't help the midfield, and Conor Casey looked well short of match sharpness, nevertheless the boys in blue somehow contrived to score two goals for the first time since many of us can remember. So why does a miraculous tie feel like an terrible loss? Perhaps because the game itself was such a stop-start affair and low on quality we are left with only fleeting memories of vaguely soccer-like moments and incidents such as disastrous defending and comical keeping. If you need some audio therapy take a listen to the DoopCast and then see me in the morning if the pain still persists.