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Weekly Presser April 9th 2014

Andrew Wenger pops in for a quick chat and Hack talks Wenger, Injuries, Depth and more

The Presser started with new signing Andrew Wenger answering a lot of questions about his homecoming. He called it "exciting" while admitting that it "does come with a certain amount of pressure". Calling his time with the Montreal Impact a "roller coaster". He did well dodging the obvious attempts at trying to get Wenger to comment on either what his role would be or where he thought he fit into Hackworth's new system. Most telling may have been that he answered with a simple "no, I don't think so" when he was asked if being traded for a player like Jack McInerney brings any extra stress. Wenger appeared confident and very clearly media savvy the entire time.

Philadelphia Union coach John Hackworth took to the table next for his usual weekly presser.

The Highlights:

The Union looked for a "mutually beneficial situation" to allow Keon Daniel to move on and was unable to find one.

Expects Wenger to "contribute when given the opportunity", adding that the trade was made "with the idea that he would be a significant player for us".

Calls the upcoming three game stretch and "opportunity for some guys who haven't seen time lately to get some playing time" although admitting it may "test our depth a little bit".

He answered "Yes, absolutely" when asked if Wenger could play by himself at the top of a 433.

Hack called the Chicago match "unfortunate", "a lesson" and "a very valuable point".

Looking forward to Real Salt Lake calling it a "tough game for us" and saying that this version of RSL "didn't skip a beat" under new head coach Jeff Cassar.

On the injury front, Hack said that only Fabinho was "questionable" with "a little bit of a hamstring issue, but it's not bad so we are hopeful that he will be available for Saturday" and confirmed that both Fred and Danny Cruz are unavailable.

On the question of Andre Blake seeing minutes in the near future, Hack called him "ready when his number gets called" and "I think we will see him sooner rather than later". Hack made it clear Zac McMath is still the Union's number one and lauded his recent performances being sure to say that Blake would be used to give Zac a break..

He address the center back position by saying with a smile that it's "ironic that center back is a tough position for us right a good way. We have lots of guys playing well all pushing each other to get better"

He closed the presser by saying that he was pleased and feels very confident that this team has real depth at every position and that he feels that the entire roster is ready to step in and be effective when called upon.