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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Impact 1

Poetry Corner Kicks needs his umbrella for this game recap.

One goal just wasn't enough.  Again.
One goal just wasn't enough. Again.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like I could just re-use many of the game recaps from last year for this one. I’d simply have to substitute some of the names. The story: The Union take the lead, The Union cannot build on that lead, the Union give up the late goal to concede points. In spite of winning the stats battle (again) the Union could not turn possession and shots into goals. Let’s see how a poetry recap works when things get all wet for the Union.

The Union playing in the Rain
Hoping to avoid the pain
Of losing points late in the game
Especially on home terrain

The Impact here, a game to play
Beset by losses, poor displays
The season hadn’t gone their way
Di Vaio hoped to save the day

Nogueira started rather hot
And after running hit a shot
To kick- he knew; to aim- forgot
And his attempt was all for naught

The field was getting wet and boggy,
An errant Impact pass was groggy
The interception soon found Noggy
Whose goal would leave the Impact soggy

Then in minute forty-nine
Di Vaio’s chance was just off line
Edu too, at two-thirds time
It was now Perkins’ time to shine

And then with Andrew Wenger’s red
The Union team just went to bed
The same as last year’s common thread:
Their play decreased when up a head

So when Di Vaio scored his goal
Surprise was not felt by a soul
The Union need to learn control
Or else they’ll end up in a hole

Points were dropped again this game
Two points that went down the drain
Hackworth? Players? Who’s to blame?
Or was it simply just the rain?