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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Crew 2

Poetry Corner Kicks get's a slap in the face from Reality.

The drums will keep on banging for this kid.
The drums will keep on banging for this kid.

I believe I said this after last year’s first loss, but these poetry recaps are much more fun to write after a win. The first loss of the year is always a slap in the face from Reality that beckons our high hopes to come back to earth for some re-tooling. The hype machine will still role on for a certain Mr. Leo Fernandes though.

It is nice to see more shots being taken this year, as opposed to last year. The problem again is finishing. When you only put 4 of 19 on frame, you’re not going to win a lot of games. So with this loss now in the books, let’s take a look at how it all went down...

The Union took a trip
To play against the Crew
The hosts were riding high from their assault on D.C.U.

Berry still was out
So Wheeler took a turn
He’s growing into center back but White is feeling spurned

The Ref would blow his whistle
(A true ref back from strike)
The game was on, the fans gave cheer to watch the game tonight

In the thirteenth minute
Noguiera gave a shot
But Clark was there to snuff it out and Noggy’s shot was caught

Then Arrieta charged
MacMath was left to beat
But Zac came out and stuffed the chance by clogging Jairo’s feet

But in the twenty-fourth
The Union fans would groan
For Anor’s header found the net, the Crew were up at home.

Before the half would toll
The Crew would strike again
Anor shot, the U just watched, forgetting to defend

Up by two the Crew
Were burying the U
But Leo played the super-sub and scored in sixty-two

McInerney’s shot
In minute sixty-four
Seemed destined for the back of net ‘till Clark had slammed the door

When the game was over
The Union had no points
They simply cannot get a win when in the Crew’s home joint

The optimistic start
To the season for the U
Is falling back to earth as the cracks are showing through

The next team for the Union:
Impact de Montreal
Let’s hope the U can win so that momentum doesn’t stall