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The Brotherly Picks

TBG contributors take a stab at predicting the final score of the Columbus away match. The overall feeling for Portland away was fearful of the opponent, full of positivity for New England at home, so how will the crew view the upcoming Crew clash?

Once again this week the Brotherly Game staff weighs in with their predictions on the Union's upcoming match. After a bleak prediction slate against Portland and very positive predictions against New England, this week proved to be a very mixed bag across the board. It is apparent that there is optimism in the ranks, but not everyone has completely given in to the rosy colored glasses just yet.

Union Win

Eryin Wandel (2/2 predictions correct) - 2-1 for the Union

Ed Welsh (1/2) - 2-0 Union hold out another shutout

Eugene Rupinski (1/2) - 2-1 Union victory

John Rossi (1/2) - 3-1 Union bring home a big victory


Andrew Stoltzfus (1/2) - 2-2 with the Union finally scoring more than 1, but not being able to keep the Crew at bay

Frank Cabbina (1/2) - 2-2 a solid road point again

Barry Evans (1/2) - 2-2 Union look good going forward, but give up 2 sloppy goals as the game goes on

JC Escobar (1/2) - 1-1 Union blow the lead at the end...again

Nicholas Youngstein (2/2) - 1-1 Tough opponent on the road

Dan Kenworthy (1/2) - 1-1 Union do the coming back this week

Jared Young (2/2) - Edu scores his first goal...Fabinho limps around the whole game but plays fine...Danny Cruz comes in at 70' regardless of the score...and the Princetonian Frenchman misses a wide open chance after subbing late

Matt Ralph (1/2) - 1-1 Union score early but can't hold on late

Union Loss

Douglas Gobrecht (1/2) - 1-2 Union push hard for an equalizer after back and forth game, but are unable to find it

At Large Pick

This week's At Large Pick by Kieran Todd, Bearfight FC Captain - 2-0 Union win with goals by Jack McInerney and Sebastien Le Toux. Crew Stadium proves no match for the new look Union midfield