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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Revolution 0

Leo and Le Toux: together at last!

New look, new kit, same Seba!
New look, new kit, same Seba!
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

First game of the season at PPL Park and Sebastien Le Toux SHOWS UP. Again. Much has already been written about the new-look Union, so I will not say too much here. The only thing I will add, is that it would be great to see some multiple-goal games soon. I have been pleased with the Union’s performances so far, but it seems that finishing is still a bit of a thorn in their side. We’ll see how that improves over time.

On with the recap!

The U had played a pretty game against the Portland Timbers
The D was taut, a striker scored, the mids were looking limber
But with the U’s first game at home what would become their fate?
Would they win or under pressure see their play deflate?

With Carroll out, Fernandes was the man to get the call
The Revolution defense couldn’t answer him at all
He cut and sliced with confidence and found the open man
His presence opened the attack to change the Rev’s game plan

In eighteen and in twenty-four the Union had some chances
But each attempt the Rev’s would block to stop the U’s advances
So too in minute twenty-five, Fernandes found Jack Mac
But Shuttleworth came up to save the point-blank Mac attack

Then in minute thirty-one the bell rang for the U
Fernandes found some open space and fed a hot Le Toux
The ball went in and, lesson learned, when in your first home game,
You always feed it to Le Toux: his strikes will find their aim

The Union were in front for now, but there was much to play
The Revs had sixty minutes left and would not go away
Their best chance came in thirty-eight: Fagundez free on goal
MacMath would make a crazy save; the Union kept control

Replacement Ref blew long and hard, the match was fin’lly done
The fans were glad, the Revs were mad for they had been outgunned
Next up the U will play the Crew, an Eastern conference rival
A win would soften any doubts about the U’s revival