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The DoopCast - It's hip to be (all) square.

The lads from The DoopCast pore over Portland and break down the game in their own inimitable style.

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Every Thursday during the season you can download the DoopCast, the premier podcast exclusively covering The Union.  Richie, Pat, and Dan provide analysis and insight in a fan-friendly format that is not afraid to tell it like it is but also doesn't take itself too seriously.

In this episode the lads consider the impact the new midfield had on the Union's style of play and wonder if two strikers might be the way to go to at home against the Revolution.  Regular features include "Off the Post" where Stormin' Gorman distills the best and worst of the online chatter for you and "You are the Ref" to test your knowledge of the laws of the beautiful game.

If you have questions or thoughts for the lads to consider for the next episode post them in the comments section below.  Enjoy the show, and be sure to have some earmuffs if junior is around - the DoopCast is rated E for explicit language.