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2014 Union Depth Chart - Left Back

Are the Union's Left Backs up to par?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the Union's inaugural season, The Union's starting XI going into the season will feature a Left back starting in his natural position. Remember Jordan Harvey? The question is, will the Union's defense suffer from Fabinho's defensive shortcomings?

Left Back


Fabinho has been given the clear nod over Gaddis in camp so far. Fabinho offers what Gaddis can not, a knack for sending left-footed balls into scoring position. He is the classic "offense versus defense" choice however, as he is not as quick a defender as Gaddis. He can play left wing as well if needed.

Raymon Gaddis

The right-footed Gaddis got more comfortable on the left side as the 2013 season wore on. He is a capable defender and lightning quick, but playing on the left side limits his ability to help up the pitch.

The Future

Like the senior team, the Union don't have much right now in the college ranks, but current Academy left back Chris Gomez did recently make a verbal commitment to Syracuse University for the 2015 season. University of North Carolina freshman Colton Storm would be a likely candidate to play the Ray Gaddis role when healthy. His freshman season was interrupted by injury and fitness issues, but when he played he was an active presence from the right back position going forward for the Tar Heels.

    Depth Chart
    Starter Fabinho
    Backup Raymon Gaddis

    This post was updated following the news that Derschang has been cut from the team.