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10 Reasons to Love the Union this Valentines Day

On this day dedicated to love, here are some reasons to love the Union. Let us know what yours are


It's Valentines Day and in the interest of spreading amor across the Unionverse, we wanted to give you 10 reasons to love the Union.

10. Conor Fu#%!ng Casey

Part man, part beast, 100% all beef patty. That's our Conor, don't like it? F#%K YOU, welcome to Philly where the cheesesteak is king and the pain is free.

9. DP's

No not that kind of DP you sicko, I am talking about designated players. Say this out loud three times and we guarantee a smile, "The Philadelphia Union have 2 designated players". Want to add a giggle to the smile? Add "and neither is named Freddy Adu" to the end of the previous sentence and.....voila! You will be happier then Freddy at a denim convention.

8. PPL Park

The Jewel of Chester leaves a lasting impression on all of us in some way. For me, it is pre-game tacos and post match meet ups with the crew. Whatever it is you love about PPL Park on match day, you are right.

7. The Players

The Union is blessed with some exceptionally down to earth players. Any roster that includes Sebastien LeToux and Ray Gaddis is already 80% of the way there. I have been around professional athletes for a number of years and the Union have some great human beings that happen to play for them.

6. Ticket Reps

The Union's ticket representatives have to be some of the best in the business. Everyone we know speaks about their rep with a fondness and familiarity usually reserved for frat buddies or someone you went through boot camp with.

5. 2014 MLS SuperDraft

"Winning" the Super Draft at home made every Union fan feel like a prom queen.

4. Soccer High

The Union have a high school. It may now be possible to actually be the Union high prom queen. If that doesn't bring joy to your heart you may be a Red Bull fan

3. BIMBO "Beem-bo" Commercials

Nothing beats humming that theme for as long as it takes to forget the acid flashback inducing commercial, which is usually about the same amount of time that it takes to shake the common cold. "Say Beem bo B-I-M-B-O"

2. This


I have no idea why, but who's awesome.

1.The Opposition

What is a soccer team without rivals? So as much as we love to hate you, today we love the opposition, because they are the yangs to our yins. Without the sour, we would never notice just how sweet it is to be a Union fan.

Happy Valentines Day everyone, may the love in your heats for each other spill out onto the field for our collective passion. Let's hope the team brings it hot and heavy this season.