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Poetry Corner Kicks: A Valentine's Day Sonnet

Poetry Corner Kicks gets romantic on Valentine's Day.

The supporters wooing their team.
The supporters wooing their team.
Brian Garfinkel

Valentine’s Day is upon us. For some, this is cause for a groan to rise steadily from the depths of our cynical beings. For others it is an excuse to pay too much for flowers and dinner. But I am not a skeptic, despite my view of price gouging the romantic at heart. No, I choose to look at Valentine’s Day with a sense of joy, of hope that relationships really can spring from depths of doubt to blossom into eternal springs of beauty. To whom am I referring? The Philadelphia Union of course.

Sure our relationship has had its ups and downs over the years, but we fans keep coming back with overpriced flowers declaring our loyalty. But this year, the object of our affection has dolled herself up a bit. Some new additions to the roster have had the effect of putting on make-up, a fancy dress, and flawless hair. All of a sudden, it looks like we could be escorting the belle of the ball. So in keeping with the theme of love, here is a sonnet to the Union, with a sense of hope that this time... this time it will be different.

Before the draft the U were looking drab
The "same ol’ same ol’" bit was wearing thin
While other teams were in a talent grab
It seemed the U just didn’t want to win
But then some depth was added from the draft
And signings for the midfield brought a spark
Maidana, Edu, and Nogueira’s craft
Should help the Union’s strikers find their mark
The loss of Parke is now the glaring stain
Upon the newly fashioned team in blue
Will center back become the Union’s bane?
Will White or Knight or someone else come through?
Despite the questions that we still could ask
The Union now seem able for the task