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HOT TOPIC QUESTION: This or Zat (Knight)?

This week’s question involves rumors swirling about Bolton defender Zat Knight and whether or not he is the perfect piece for the Union backline.

Jamie McDonald

Late last week the Union were linked to Bolton defender Zat Knight and the hulking center back would certainly be a huge benefit for the Union on paper. There are, however, questions arising from his recent bit of form despite his much needed 6'6 frame. Also, Knight is pushing his way towards AARP at the tender age of 33 and we all know how revered the elderly are in the MLS.

It would seem the Union, who are in desperate need of defensive depth, would cap off their tremendous off-season in wonderful fashion as they would fill the very last need with this signing. The question I posed to the Brotherly Game writing staff is this: Should Zat Knight be the defender the Union acquire?


JC Escobar: Why not, he's better than the Union's options right now.

Frank Cobbina: At first I answered yes even though I remembered his many mishaps while playing in the EPL. But after checking out Bolton's SBNation site, Lion of Vienna Suite, and thinking it over, I hope the Union look for other options. Apparently Knight has struggled even more in the Championship, and nearly every Bolton fan with a pulse wants him gone. We still have a month to go before the season starts. That's plenty of time for a talented CB in MLS to become a trade option, or even for another international to request a transfer. Knight might be better than Ethan White, Kevin Cope, or Marquez. However, that doesn't mean we should just settle.

William Murphy: It's feels like the club is just trying to check a box marked "veteran defender". I believe that there have to be better defenders available, perhaps they will be less experienced, but watching Okugo develop into a good defender makes me just hope they find the right man for the job. No matter what boxes they do or do not check.

Jared Young: While defenders can last longer than players at midfield or forward, 33 years of age is pushing it. You have to ask how much quality play is left. You don't want to be the last team holding the hot potato. I think performance wise for this year he'd only be a marginal add compared to what we have so I would pass.

Eryin Wandel: From what I hear and gather I don't think he would be bad, but the price has to be fair. We really have to stop over paying players for them to never see playing time. Then again, never listen to me when it comes to player talk.

Barry Evans: A veteran CB with height is certainly what we would need to have a great off-season. However, I don't think Knight is it. For me, he has always been a mistake waiting to happen. Also, for someone with that height, I would have hoped for more than 7 goals in 300 appearances. That suggests to me some timidness in terms of getting his head on the ball in the opposing half, why would that be different from getting a head to the ball in your own half. Aside from the playing ability, salary is also going to be a big question. I can't see the move happening because a) we probably don't have a big budget left and b) there's no way he will come for less than about 200k, if not DP money.

Nicholas Youngstein: I don't mind him, though I wouldn't love the move. If he's terrible for Union, then I'd consider it Bolton getting us back for trying to sell them Le Toux when he didn't want to be there.

Matt Ralph: I'd be okay with it if he came at a huge discount, but that's not likely to happen. So I'll pass.

John Rossi: While the Union lack a veteran defender, this guy is not the answer. Every review of him that I've seen says that he's awful. He'd likely command a large salary, and I'd rather have White starting than bring in some expensive dud. Keep looking.

Eugene Rupinski: This move does not make sense to me. The Bolton lowlights film aside, why would the Union want a guy toward the end of his career that would not only likely command a rather hefty salary, but occupy an international slot as well? Sure we need help on the back line, but I don't think Knight is the guy. Also, would he get a work visa due to him being arrested for heroin? Pass.


In my opinion Knight has never impressed as a defender. Although his height is a welcome commodity the Union have lacked for their entire existence, I am unsure if his age and potential salary are worth it. Knight is probably the better option to choose from between the current selection, but it would seem our defense would be better suited if the Union chose this last piece carefully as opposed to irresponsibly filling a need on paper and eating a huge salary figure.

So what do you think? Is Zat Knight the defender the Union should target? Take the poll and weigh in below in the comments section.