Worcester City's Sean Geddes' ridiculous rabona

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

I've always liked Worcester City. When I first picked up a copy of Football Manager in 2010, they were the only club I found without a manager, so I took the job there and subsequently got the club promoted to the Premer League, winning several trophies both domestic and international.

Unfortunately, reality hasn't been as kind to the real club. Toiling away in England's sixth division, Worcester City is a club that has persevered through the most trying of circumstances. In 2012 they sold their ground at St George's Lane to try and get enough money for a new ground, however they were forced to rent time at nearby Kidderminster when that fell through. Even though the club is technically homeless, however managed to finish a respectable tenth in their league last season. This season they caused an uproar when they defeated League One side Coventry City in the FA Cup. And if that wasn't enough to hop on the bandwagon, this happened:

Sean Geddes scored a ridiculous rabona against Barrow in the FA Trophy tournament (different than the FA Cup). Again, this is the sixth division, so some silliness is expected. But what a goal.

Worcester City will take on League One side Scunthorpe United on Sunday. In the next round of the FA Cup. Here's hoping lightning (and rabonas) can strike twice.