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Transfer Talk - William Kvist

One of the best things about writing for SB Nation is the access to fans of almost every team imaginable. I asked a question to some of the SB Nation writers about William Kvist, former Stuttgart, Fulham, and current Wigan midfielder and potential Union transfer target. Here's what I learned.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Eugene Rupinski) I want to know about William Kvist. Can you tell me about his time at Stuttgart - how he was used, how well he did, why he was sent to Fulham. The Philadelphia Union are rumored to be looking to make a move for him.

Ryan Cowper, Bavarian Football Works and Sounder At Heart) I only saw William Kvist play a couple times. mediocre Bundesliga CM iirc, not anything special. Fulham loan coincided with about the time the Magath reign of terror in London happened. Stuttgart were a defensive mess and looking to make some changes last season. Probably nothing more to it then that.

Phil Quinn, SB Nation Soccer, Bavarian Football Works) Pretty much agree with everything that Ryan just said on Kvist. I think he'd be a good signing if the Union get him, it's just the pricepoint that will matter.

Kevin McCauley, SB Nation Soccer) Kvist is weird, kinda fell off a cliff. Was really, really good for a while, probably better for Denmark than Stuttgart. Awesome Euros, and then...just kinda sucked? Was odd - (he) looked like a great loan signing for Fulham and then he was piss awful there.

Davis VanOpdorp, Bavarian Football Works) From what I have seen of Kvist, I agree with Kevin.

Ryan Cowper) It's kind of hard to separate Kvist sucking from the massive pile of suck that's Stuttgart

Phil Quinn) The biggest thing when judging anyone from Stuttgart over the last couple of years... they suck. They suck hard.

Kevin McCauley) haha, so do Fulham.

Phil Quinn) Basically, if one is to take anything from this conversation, Kvist has played for some shitty teams.

Kevin McCauley) but he's had flashes of being really, really awesome for Denmark. Almost certainly a top MLS player.

I also was able to talk to Kieran Heapy with Pie Eaters Footie - SB Nation's Wigan Athletic blog - about Kvist.

Eugene Rupinski) Can you tell Philadelphia Union fans a bit about what to expect from William Kvist should the Union make a move for him?

Kieran Heapy) William Kvist, a man who came in to help replace our departing Scottish international James McArthur, was a surprising summer signing. It was one that filled me with hope that maybe we had managed to get a player who could solidify our struggling midfield and add some seriously needed experience. The reality was a player who has to date not been given the chance to really prove himself on a consistent basis.

In the majority of games that he has played for us this season he has done that silent job of protecting the back line and at times has done that with success. Other time the player has looked to have struggled with the physical edge that we have in the second tier of English football.

Does he have a future here at Wigan? The answer is more than likely a no, his wages won't be cheap and if a team comes knocking for his signature I can't see anyone standing in his way. Unfortunately William has become one of those players who you sign on paper and looks very good, the reality though is that the move just hasn't clicked for either party.

Kvist seems like a mystery. Maybe he's coming. Maybe he's not. Maybe he's really good and has been on some poor teams. Maybe he's really not good and has been on poor teams. This seems a bit reminiscent of the Rais M'Bolhi situation, where even if we get him we still may not really know what we have.