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Poetry Corner Kicks: MLS Cup Final

Now that the dust has settled and the Expansion Draft is over we can finally wax poetically regarding MLS Final!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

And so it ends.  The 2014 season is in the books.  What stories were written?  Seattle barely misses the treble; LA wins a record fifth Cup title; the Union have work to do; and the narrative that loomed the largest over the whole season: Landon Donovan goes out a champion.  Often times in the literary community sports are seen as a waste of time.  But many of the finest stories are told in the arena.  How did this, sometimes sloppy, final turn out?

Today L.A. would hope to play a game to win them glory
The Revolution’s resolution hoped to quash that story
Around lunch time in sunny climes the kickoff would begin
Sloppy soccer was a shocker to the fans’ chagrin
Shots were traded, forwards raided other teams’ defenses
Back lines held, the raids were quelled to quiet the offenses
And then Lee Nguyen, the box therein, was fouled to the ground
A penalty by referee was nowhere to be found
Close on the heels of Nguyen’s appeals: a goal from Zardes’ feet
The Revs were down but couldn’t frown, the game was not complete
The goal to tie in seventy-nine was struck by Tierney, Chris
His shot was neat, had Jaime beat, and surely didn’t miss
The game was tied in eighty-five when Teal found space to shoot
His chip, too hard, would hit the bar, his chance was rendered moot
In extra time the fates would shine on L.A.’s forward crew
Keane would toll the winning goal, the score was one to two
The Revs would try again to tie but theirs was not this day
Winning odds by soccer gods were stacked in Landon’s way
With Landon done, a sixth Cup won seemed somewhat preordained
His playing through, he bids adieu, and pops his last champagne