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The Furyous Five - Match 9

Once again we catch up with the general manager of the Philadelphia Fury, Graham King Charters, in the latest installment of The Furyous Five.


1- Philadelphia fell to Rhode Island on Saturday 3-2. How has the team handled the lost?

GKC- Naturally we are all disappointed. We saw it as an opportunity to really perform and we are all not happy with the end result. We must give credit to Rhode Island, who fought and battled until the end and deservedly won the game.

2- The conditions weren't the best that night, could that contribute to the lost?

GKC- No, not for me. It is the same for both teams, so we really cannot use that as an excuse. The fact is we simply were not good enough and our opponent seized on an opportunity. We learn all the time and this defeat is no exception.

3- This weekend the team plays the Evergreen Diplomats. How will the team come into the match?

GKC-  It is the last game of the fall season and we want to end it on a real positive. We are at home and we have a duty to those you pay their well earned cash to give them a performance they deserve. We cannot guarantee anything in this game, but we will certainly give it our all.

4- This is a opponent that the team has beaten before. Will the same game plan be played?

GKC- You will have to wait and see.

5- It is the final game of the fall season for the Fury. Anything that fans can expect?

GKC- Well, firstly it is fan appreciation night; this means everyone is able to attend for free. It is our way of saying thank you to those who have supported us through a mixed season. We want to entertain the fans and really sign off in a positive manner. We're grateful for the support and we really want to show it!

The Philadelphia Fury close out the inaugural American Soccer Fall season against the Evergreen Diplomats tomorrow at Washington Township High School. Kickoff is at 7 and free entry to everyone.