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Local brand Live Breathe Futbol release their newest collection - 45' this week

Ebun and Dom, the driving forces behind the global soccer couture phenomenon LBF are preparing to launch their brand new line- 45' this week, and you should be there

LBF 45

Live Breathe Futbol (LBF) officially drops their new collection 45' on Friday November 7th, bringing their usual understated class to 737 N 4th street at 7pm.

The collection, which will feature the image of Italy international Andrea Pirlo, is typical LBF. Ebun has a way of making his designs fresh and timeless all at once, just like Pirlo. The Pirlo shirt, which is black in color and has a picture of the Italian playmaker on the front, titled "The Architect", will surely be a coveted item by fans all over the country.

Besides the architect, LBF goes all flat brimmed on us with a red cap that pays homage to the "Delije", the supporters group of the Serbian club Red Star Belgrade. The other hat, "Ultras" is described as "Perfect for the zealous, but stylish supporter."

If you want to see what you missed last time and why you should be there this time check it out:

Fans of LBF should be on the lookout for an exclusive interview coming soon only from the Brotherly Game.