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You Be The GM: Should Brian Brown Stay Or Go?

How the Union’s Front Office makes personnel decisions is a murky mess, so we thought the fans could fill what appears to be a major void. Over the course of the MLS playoffs we’ll look at all of the Union’s key players and decide who should stay and who should go. Who do fans most want to see stay? Who do fans most want to see go? We’ll tally it all up before the MLS Expansion Draft.

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Brian Brown is the essence of the word potential. Only 21-years old, he has already led the Jamaican National Premier League with a 19-goal campaign. The question is how much potential does he have in MLS? Can he become a starting quality MLS striker? Will he forever be a depth option? Or will he never really make his mark?

The Union took a low risk loan on Brown during the summer transfer window and the early results were mixed. His listed annual salary was just $58,304, which would have been prorated over roughly half a season. He scored two clutch goals in limited minutes helping the Union to important points, but he was often a non-factor for the majority of his minutes at striker. Those two goals were good enough to place Brian second on the team in goals per 90 minutes.

Brian Brown Stats
Games Minutes Goals Assists Key Passes/Gm Pass % Tackles/Gm Int/Gm Clear/Gm Rating
2014 8 238 2 1 0.3 77.6 0.3 - 0.1 6.33

Brown's pass completion percentage of 77.6% is quite good for a striker. His key passes per 90 however were well below the other offensive midfielders and forwards (with the exception of Pedro Ribeiro) at .9 per 90 minutes.

The Union could likely bring Brown back for little more than the $58K he earned last season. Is it worth the money and roster spot to develop Brown another year and to provide depth at forward? Or should the Union move on and look for other options?

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