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A Week in Review: Depressing Dispersal and Amobi’s Interview

A segment devoted to MLS and the Union’s happenings, but ultimately an attempt at humor.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Woe is the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft

Oh what a tragedy it was to see the final act in what was the downfall of Chivas USA. Their existence in MLS was always an often used joke among anyone that followed the league, but the real joke was the draft that acted as the final nail in the coffin. Prior to the Dispersal draft that decided the fate of their in contract players, Chivas had 28 players on their roster including players who were loaned-in. Now, as is tradition, MLS never reveals all the details of any rules so that when they contradict precedent they can quickly create a rule to justify their actions. That being said loaned-in players were not included in the draft (thanks to the ongoing dispersal of Erick "Cubo" Torres between MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy, who was on loan from Chivas Guadalajara, told reporters prior to the draft that he was not going to be involved in the draft).

Special treatment aside, only 7 players were selected in the draft which involved 20 teams. Basically, MLS clubs decided that well over half of the roster Chivas had put together was worth not taking on to their roster. It was the twist at the end of the movie for Chivas players. The hope and faith that they would be off to greener pastures only for the cold heart of MLS franchises to deny them their dreams. It was not an all-star studded roster, but surely more than 7 players have quality enough to play in MLS, right?

Which brings me to the Union. A team mired in depth issues, the same depth issues that wore down players towards the end of the season, couldn't have possibly taken a flier on a player to sure up the roster? Even picking disastrously old Akira Kaji to support our outside backs would have made the Union faithful think the front office was trying at a time when support is beyond wavering. Is hindsight 20/20 and will we be thanking the Union front office for dodging the horror show that was Chivas USA's roster? Odds point to yes. But to give the Union fan base a sense of hope that there is effort to fix the roster early in the off season would be a huge step in perhaps selling some of those rapidly increasing open season tickets seats.

No, it's not about the player they acquire, but at this point in the season it's about giving a restless fan base something to look forward to. Do we want to wait until January to celebrate new signings? Have you met the rabid dogs that reside in the sports fandom habitat that is Philadelphia? In a city where fans are willing to drop support in an instant based on the results of 10 minutes of game time, let alone a whole season, fixing the problem proactively goes a long way in Philadelphia.

Okugo's Interview

It seems to be that out of contract Union original's love to go the MLS Transfers for a tell all interview. Unfortunately, Amobi didn't reveal quite as much as last years interview with former Union original Jack McInerney. It's no secret that Amobi has been quite frustrated with how the Union operates, and can you blame him? There is no doubt the talented midfielder has aspirations to play in Europe and the real information out of this is the miscommunication between the coaching staff or front office and its players. Maybe its just one player here or there, but throughout Union history it would seem that the players and front office/coaching staff are on a completely different page. Is one side  not telling the truth to get leverage in contract negotiations? In one instance, Jim Curtin says the Union don't expect Okugo to come back to Philadelphia, yet in Amobi's interview he doesn't quite understand where that is coming from.

It is almost as if the Union don't want Amobi back, but they have decided their motion to keep him off the team is to blame his European ambitions. I can see the full proof plan being laid out now:

Nick Sakiewicz: "Amobi's contract is up after this season, he'll most definitely want a pay raise in his new contract."

Jim Curtin: "Well, he does want to go play in Europe."

Chris Albright: "If he goes, the fans will kill us."

Nick Sakiewicz: "I've got it! We can't afford to re-sign him, because we are in talks with one or two new goalkeepers, but we can tell the public that Amobi wants to go to Europe and not stay here. It will look exactly like the time we were going to send Le Toux to Bolton if it actually worked that way!"

Albright and Curtin (in unison): "Perfect!"

Aye, but the best laid plans of the Union brass always goes wrong. They would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids! Unfortunately, it takes a lot less than a little unqualified private investigation to uncover the schemes of the front office. Maybe some honesty would solve the situation?

Oh, who am I kidding, this is the Union.

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