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Paid Their Dues: Nowak Got a Job

Maybe they didn't Google him?

hey hi how ya dern
hey hi how ya dern
Drew Hallowell

Former Philadelphia Union manager Peter Nowak is now the technical director for Antigua & Barbuda. The decision was made late last month.

As the technical director, Nowak will not likely be involved with the players on a day-to-day basis, which is great for their sakes. Considering that he was a great player with a sharp soccer mind, Nowak should be successful in growing soccer in the small Caribbean nation. Of course, his only major downfalls as a head coach were his corruption, mental and physical abuse, and general dickbaggery.

On a personal level, the move is a good one for Nowak. After his disgraceful termination from the Union in 2012, he took a job at a youth soccer club in Delaware. That is, um, quite the drop. Though they are still nowhere near competing for anything within CONCACAF, Antigua & Barbuda are ranked higher than they have ever been in FIFA's rankings (70).

At best, Nowak turns A & B into an outfit that can consistently qualify for the group stages of World Cup Qualifying. In the 2014 cycle, they managed to frustrate some of the bigger teams--including the United States--at home, and Nowak will look to build on that. If things go awry, Nowak can always fall back on corruption. Either way, his future looks bright.