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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Fire 1

The Union lose, 1-1

The Union spent much of the time after the game writing apology notes.
The Union spent much of the time after the game writing apology notes.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

With Sebastien Le Toux and Conor Casey and Sheanon Williams all out of the lineup, the Philadelphia Union had to stitch something together for the game against the Chicago Fire.  But the stitches didn’t hold.  Neither team won this game, but it appears safe to say that the Union lost it, 1-1.  As Jim Curtin stated after the game, it will take a miracle for this team to make the playoffs now.  Here’s hoping for a miracle...

When is a tie not a tie but a loss
When Philly’s home team trots out garbage and dross
The score was one-all when the game whistle blew
But for S.O.B.s it’s a loss for the U
Nogueira would try to excite all the fans
When shooting his long shots from deep-no-man’s-land
Alas none would score and the play would go on
With neither team scoring from hither or yon
Wenger had speed and would make a few runs
But Brown and Maidana could not get it done
A game without goals seemed the fate for this duo
Then in eighty-eight came a goal from Okugo
The Union were up with just stoppage to play
And that is when they just got in their own way
M’Bolhi would pass the ball straight to the Fire
And as you might guess the effects were most dire
Earnshaw would chip the ball over M’Bolhi
To humble the newly bought World-Cup-vet goalie
There's just three more games, the U desp’rate for points
Let’s hope the results do not all disappoint