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The Furyous Five - Matchday 6

Philadelphia Fury General Manager Graham King Charters answers five questions about the team. This is the Furyous Five.


1) The Fury had a hard loss on Saturday to the Ironbound Soul. How do feel the team played?

GCK: The team played very well, despite the scoreline. Some of our overall team play was very good and that's a real positive moving forward.

2) Was there anything you felt the team needed to do in order to get the victory?

GCK:  It is difficult to say. We felt that the overall level of play (certainly in the first half) was of a decent standard. We perhaps could have tested them more from an attacking standpoint, but sometimes you have to accept that not winning is apart of the game.

3) This was the end of the Fury playing back to back road games. How do you think the team fared on their first road trip?

GCK: It's disappointing to lose one of the games, everyone wanted the maximum 6 points from the two games but that just was not meant to be. We won a very tough game away at the Diplomats and it's important we look at the positives from both games and not just the one defeat! It's easy for people to look at your last result and think you are in crisis. We are not and there is plenty to take from both games.

4) The Fury returns home to play the Western Mass Pioneers in a top of the table clash. Do you think they match up well with them?

GCK: Currently Western Mass deservedly sit at the top of the table so we are under no illusions as to just how difficult this game will be. We are ambitious and we are also very confident that we can beat anyone so we see this as a great opportunity to show that we have exceptional character and the resilience to take-on the toughest challenges. We see this as a great match-up and hopefully the fans will not be disappointed.

5) It is now the halfway point of the season. In your opinion has the season gone has you and the projected?

GCK: Well technically the season is actually 20 games long; there are no awards issued for where you sit after 10 games so really we are only a quarter of the way in. Saying that, after 5 games I feel we are on course for a successful year. I have always said we needed to be patient with the team as we were adding so many new personalities but overall we are doing well. We have won more than we have lost so we must be positive. We can and we will get better on and off the field. That is our ambition and I am certain we will succeed.

The Fury return home again when they play Western Mass Pioneers  on Saturday at Washington Township High School in Washington Township, NJ.  Kickoff is at 7pm.