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HOT TOPIC QUESTION OF THE WEEK: It's Hard to Say You're Sorry

Nick Sakiewicz continues to put his foot in his mouth, but surely he hasn't lost your respect forever, right?

Drew Hallowell

There are many things Nick Sakiewicz has done to really distance himself from the Philadelphia Union fanbase. Routinely contradicting yourself, passing blame to others, and scoffing at potentially losing your job would lose respect in any city if you ask me. Sakiewicz does that seemingly every day that goes by and the only way he knows how to get out of a hole is to dig deeper.

It's not working.

But he can't have completely walked himself out of the Union faithful's hearts. There must certainly be a way to bring him back to being the lovely and innocent CEO that we all once loved. Ok, maybe not that far, but there must be something he could do this offseason to get back a good public image.

The Brotherly Game staff gives their answers below.


Nicholas Youngstein - Admit that he's aware of the criticism, stop dodging blame, and get a real personnel guy.

Eryin Wandel - Sometimes if you love something you need to let it go....he should probably heed those words of wisdom...

Barry Evans - Make the right moves - he must get a left footed left back and striker. Keeping Amobi is another thing that should happen - stick to your story of going with the youthful core by at least keeping 1 of them.

Jared Young - Hire someone who is very clearly in charge of personnel. Get a legit striker, a #2 goalie assuming MacMath is gone, and a left back. Gotta keep two of Amobi, Edu and Nogueira. And even then I don't think the trust level would be there to let him in my heart.

Heather Reppert - Stop dodging criticism that is valid. Doesn't need to say sorry but just allow his actions to speak louder than words. Only thing I'd be happy with is if he actually steps away from player acquisition and appoints a technically sound and soccer savvy technical director that will work with Curtin to bring in the players that we need to make us a real contending team in 2015. Left footed left back, at least one legit striker, re - sign Okugo and charm the hell out of Nogs to ensure he sticks with the team.

Eugene Rupinski - Sell his stake in the Union and move somewhere ineligible to own an MLS team. Maybe he can work his magic in the Indian Super League.

Jason Kates - Get something the team will be able to use right away in the next draft. If there is anybody he should keep, I would hope it'd be guys like Okugo and Edu, like Jared said. A technical director who knows what he's doing would also help, and he should face the criticism and try to win back the fans, or else leave.

John Rossi - He needs to sell his share in the club. Any technical director/director of soccer he happens to sign will surely become his puppet and fall guy. The Union will continue to be a dysfunctional mess as long as he is at the helm.

John O'Donnell - Hire a GM to run the club. Turn his attention to finishing the rest of the stadium's surrounding area. Sign a DP that would shock the Union supporters to the point of, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WE GOT THAT GUY TO SIGN WITH US, NO FREAKING WAY!

Staci Altomari - he could hire a coach or GM to sort out the goalkeeper/striker situations then find himself a nice hobbit hole and never be seen again. That would make me happy.


I am of a strong opinion that Nick Sakiewicz cannot lead this team in a management position to any success. Whether he is in it to make money or has other motives surrounding the team is irrelevant. It's clear on multiple levels Sakiewicz believes he is the end all be all of this club and that is truly a horrifying detail of his ownership capabilities.

A person who believes that anything they do is golden and refuses to admit mistakes isn't the person to lead anything. Nick Sakiewicz has shown through recent interviews that he does not have the courage or compassion to be the face of this franchise. Displaying a real cowardice by passing the blame down to those under you for criticisms is not how you instill confidence and command respect from those who your product is benefiting.

Sakiewicz continues to show a disconnect from the fanbase and even more importantly the staff who works for him. His mouth is becoming not only horribly frustrating but also must be infuriating for the coaching staff who is being thrown under the bus by their boss. Would you work for someone who blames you for his shortcomings? Even if Jim Curtin and Chris Albright were responsible for signing Rais M'Bohli, which is very doubtful, who put them in the position to do so? Passing the buck to the people under you questions your ability to hire those who work. How are we supposed to trust your coaching staff appointments when you blame those appointments consistently.

It's not healthy, it's not right, and it sure as hell isn't how you run a professional organization. It's time we had an organization front man who actually values the fan base that gave him his team, as well as his staff. You want to win back any kind of respect from this fan base? Own up to your mistakes, stop trying to dissolve blame from your own hands, and shut your damn mouth.

We don't want the bull that you're feeding us and we definitely don't want you running this team anymore.