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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Crew 2

Poetry Corner Kicks rhymes his last.

The other team celebrates at the expense of the Union.  Again.
The other team celebrates at the expense of the Union. Again.
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

So that’s all she wrote.  The season ends on a note that summarizes this season well: Union not playing particularly well, somehow still in it, giving up a late goal at the end to drop some (or all) points, and walking away disappointed.  Except for a stretch run just after the firing of John Hackworth, this sounds about right for the Union’s season.  And now, for your bittersweet enjoyment, here is the last rhyming recap of the year for your Philadelphia Union.

What a joke
What a choke
The Union were outplayed
Taking stock
Of this crock
Can only bring dismay

Alas for Blue
It was the Crew
Who beat them yet again
The U were gross
But kept it close
Until the very end

Jairo’s goal
Gave Crew control
Before a quarter hour
Union fans
Still in the stands
Wore faces dark and dour

Cruz’s shot
Alas was blocked
By diving keeper Clark
The save would stave
A Union wave
And kept them in the dark

In eighty-five
The U: alive!
As Pfeffer scored his first
A goal apiece
Brought short relief
The bubble would be burst

At the end
The fate was penned
For both teams on the pitch
Anor’s joy
The U destroyed
This season’s been a b----