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The Furyous Five - Match 8

Once again we catch up with the general manager of the Philadelphia Fury, Graham King Charters, in the latest installment of The Furyous Five.


1.) The team had a much needed bye week. How refreshed is the team going into these last couple matches?

GKC: We are feeling really good and we are excited for the remaining games of the season. Sometimes a break is needed as it allows players with knocks to recover and it also gives us a chance to work on some of the minor details. We're grateful for the bye, but we are certainly ready to end the season on a real positive.

2.) Philly is coming off a draw on the road against ICON FC. Was it a much needed result to get the team motivated for the stretch run?

GKC: We stake confidence from the result because the overall performance levels were very good. We felt the officiating was somewhat dubious and when you take everything into account, a point away from home is a good result....especially against a close competitor.

3.) Another bit of news announced was the new date for the home match verses the Evergreen Diplomats that was rained out earlier in the year. What goes into trying to get a match rescheduled?

GKC: It is not as complex as it may seem. Essentially I work off a three point plan: 1) what dates are available in the overall schedule? 2) Is our home venue available? 3) Can the opponent play on the proposed date? When all three of these points are met, then we are good to go. Evergreen is a great club, so they were very cooperative and were as eager as us to get the game rescheduled.

4.) The Fury play Mass United this Saturday. It will be the first time you will play them. What's the game plan going into playing a first time opponent?

GKC: We know Mass is a good side and they will certainly test us. We are recovered and now we are preparing hard, so we believe we are ready to go for it from the first whistle. With regards to the game plan, it doesn't matter if we have never played them before or if we have played them several times, the game plan is always to show our ambition and play to our strengths. If we all contribute in the manner we know we can and our efficiency levels are good then we know we can beat anybody.

5.) I know it's early but what are the early plans for the spring 2015 season?

GKC: I can't talk too much because we only take it one game at a time. I know the organization as a whole is working towards some operational improvements and of course we will always be looking to improve our on-field set-up. Right now all we are focusing on is Mass United and the challenge they present!

After a week off, the Fury returns home to play Mass United tomorrow at Washington Township High School in Washington Township, NJ.  Kickoff is at 7pm.