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DC Utd. and Chicago get the DoopCast treatment.

The DoopCast fellows discuss the DC United and Chicago debacles.

Wandel Design

Well, well, well... With the Philadelphia Union clinging on to faint playoff hopes by their fingernails like Wile E Coyote hanging off the edge of a cliff, the boys in blue looked anxious and tighter than Jim Curtin's suits.  Gone was the free-flowing panache of the Open Cup Final and in it's place was an approach more cautious than a seventh grade Dr. Who fan at the middle school dance asking one of the popular girls to cut a rug with him.

The offense looked as devoid of creative ideas as a CBS sitcom.  The defense looked slow and ponderous at best, and disinterested at worst.  Where did the spark and fight go?  Has Curtin finally run out of ideas?  Have the players simply heard everything Jim has to offer and can no longer lift themselves in the toughest part of the season?  The truth is probably more aligned to the fact that the Union have a bench that is shorter than Peter Dinklage and a GM who is happy with mediocrity, despite his protestations to the contrary.  Have a listen to what Richie, Pat, and Dan made of all this terrible, disappointing, and confusing mess.