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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Crew 3

So. Very. Frustrated.

Alas the SOBs will not get to cheer for a playoff team this season.
Alas the SOBs will not get to cheer for a playoff team this season.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

In a game the Philadelphia Union just had to win, they fell completely flat.  I don’t know that I’ve seen a more frustrating game than that one in a long time.  If I’m being honest with myself, I would say that the Union just don’t deserve to go to the playoffs.  But the fan in me still says that we’ve got the talent to play with anyone, hence the frustration.  It's enough to drive you crazy; "Homer Simpson" crazy.


But of all the let-downs this season (horrible start to season, USOC Final loss, no playoffs) probably the most depressing is that without the playoffs to look forward to, there will only be two more poetry recaps of Union games after this one.  Try not to cry too hard folks.

The U came out to play as they flew straight out of the gates
It was all that the Crew could do to not fall on their face
An avalanche of chances from the pressure giving U
They shot and passed and pressed around the flustered yellow Crew
In minutes one and fourteen and again in twenty-three
The Union would JUST miss some golden opportunities
Columbus had their chances too, with Meram off the post
But nothing like the Union who were hostile as the hosts
Finally in sixty-eight a goal was their reward
Cruz would hammer home a shot and Philly fans were floored
Then just like that the lead was two with Wenger playing gritty
With fifteen minutes left to play the U were sitting pretty
The next few minutes were a thing from Philly’s darkest dreams
The Crew would put the brakes upon a season thought redeemed
Finlay first would score a goal, then just one minute later
Meram scored to tie the game, a PPL deflator
When things were bleakest Arrieta somehow made it worse
Columbus won, the Union’s season was put in a hearse
A late collapse of such a size was shocking to the heart
But for the mind made perfect sense as Philly fell apart
The playoffs are impossible, the Union will not go
How will they play the last two games?  No one cares or knows