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The Furyious Five

Every week we ask the Philadelphia's Fury GM 5 pressing questions. We call them The Furyous Five. Coming off a heartbreaking defeat against Western Mass, how do they move on?

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TBG) The Fury had a heartbreaking loss to Western Mass when the visitors scored two quick goals in the last five minutes. How has the team handled the loss?

GCK) Naturally there is an element of disappointment around the squad, but that's a good thing. If the players are all smiling and happy then we would obviously have to question their ambition. I know from speaking with some of them they are extremely determined to rectify the loss this weekend. The great thing about Soccer is that redemption is just around the corner. As soon as you lose it is imperative to win again quickly. Not just for the mind of the player, but also to avoid any talk of a "crisis".

TBG) Head Coach Matt Driver said the referees did not officiate the game in a proper manner. Do you feel the same way?

GCK) I have to be careful with the words I use. My emotional feelings are not as important as the overall image of the Club and us as an Organization. I think it's an extremely adverse job being an official, but if you are taking that challenge than you have to apply both leadership and common sense. I don't think we've seen much of that this season.

TBG) The Fury did play the toughest team in the league and held their own. Do you think they just ran into a tough matchup?

GCK) The game for me was quite strategical and both teams did not dominate; at no point in the game did I think either side would run riot. I think both teams were equal. It is simply that sometimes in soccer you win and sometimes you lose. If we had lost 4-0, then we could say: "Yes! We were beaten by the best team in the League and we ran into a tough opponent." However, we lost 2-1 and on another day, we would have won 1-0. That's the game.

TBG) You play Icon FC on the road on another top of the table clash. Can the team turn it around this Saturday?

GCK) We certainly hope so. ICON is in great form at the minute and have not bean beaten at home yet this season. However, we believe we have the capabilities to beat anyone and it is our intention to go there and show them how strong we really are. As long as we continue to stick to our principles, develop on the field and grow off it, then I believe we will achieve our targets.

TBG) Another great crowd at Tom Brown Field on Saturday and a piece on Comcast Sporstnet about the game and goalkeeper Chase Clement over the weekend. The Buzz is growing with this team.

GCK) It is. We knew it would over time, but we are all delighted with the current talk of the team. I know that everyone involved with the League is determined to see it grow and develop and things like this allow that to happen. We have a long way to go as a club and as a League, but the momentum is brewing and we are ready to go!

The Philadelphia Fury go back on the road tomorrow when they face Icon FC in Montville, NJ.