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The DoopCast nets a hat-trick.

Three episodes in one as The Lads play catchup.

I'm no proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one and Titi Henry was up to his usual whining and moaning as he tried once again to referee a game.  And sadly for the U the dream is over as the Sounders make like Pepto Bismol and stop the run.  You know Langston Hughes asked if a dream deferred festers like a sore or sags like a heavy load… ready to explode.

Well there were plenty of explosions from an incredible crowd on cup final night with an atmosphere more cracking than Rob Ford and Lamar Odom but against Houston after that match the boys in blue were saggier than the pants worn by our neighbors at the county prison up the road.  With rumors swirling that Curtin is in pre-op for an 'interim-ectomy' the playoff race in the east is getting tighter than our suddenly embattled coach's pants.