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How to deal with the Zac MacMath and Andre Blake Conundrum?

This week's Hot Topic Question of the week addresses the Zac MacMath vs Andre Blake situation.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately after the 2014 Superdraft ended, I posted the following question to our staff members.

Now that we moved up and drafted Andre Blake with the number 1 pick, what do we do with young Zac MacMath?

A) Do we keep Zac for one more year and hope that he plays well and increases his transfer value and sell high?

B) Do we sell Zac and put Blake, arguably a higher ceiling prospect, on net starting 2014?

John Rossi A- There is no selling high. MacMath's value decreases by the day.

Matt Ralph A- Blake is older and higher rated. No way we trade up to get the biggest prospect in the draft to have him sit.

John Whitesall A- MacMath is gone. Blake starts now.

Jared Young A- blake likely won't be better this year, especially when it comes to consistency. But given where we are there is too much to gain by trading Zac.

Andrew Stoltzfus A- simply because it's a free player we don't have to pay salary for. We'll draft another in a few years when he graduates.

Douglas Gobrecht A- If Blake is half as good as Donovan Ricketts I'd be ok with that. MacMath has probably peaked, but his turn of the corner during the second half of the season makes his value higher than ever. Let's see what we can get for him.

Doop Cast A- Trade Zachary and start the new kid - he has enough experience (international?) and could he really be that much worse than Mr. Inconsistent ? Don't forget the many mistakes he made throughout 2013 that cost us points.

Justin Feinberg A- Based on the stories I heard today from the SuperDraft, I'm guessing MacMath no longer adds up for the Union. They may find themselves subtracting him from the team. This is an issue that may divide the fanbase for the next few months. These puns will continue multiplying until the sale happens.

Eugene Rupinski B- I think MacMath stays. This will spur him to be at his best every practice and every game because this kid will take his spot the first opportunity he gets.

Barry Evans A- MacMath goes. You don't take a goalkeeper at #1 when you can fill other needs, and then sit him for a year. Especially when it isn't like he will be learning from someone with experience. Flip side of that - you don't have MacMath earning over 100k to sit on the bench. This isn't like an outfield player who will get 30minutes here, 30minutes there - look how many minutes our backup keepers have had for the last 2 years. You also don't switch goalkeepers every 2-3 games to give them both playing time. If they keep MacMath the whole year (no matter who the #1 is) that makes the draft terrible for me

Personally, I think we should keep Zac for one more year. This accomplishes two things. First, it gives Andre an opportunity to get acclimated to MLS. Since he's Generation Adidas we are not paying his salary. In addition, with the loss of Parke, pairing our all of a sudden inexperienced defense with a rookie goalkeeper, seems like a recipe for disaster. Second, it gives an opportunity for Zac to either sink or swim. If he has a monster year and he turns into the goalkeeper that everyone thought he could be, we can decide to keep him, since he's actually younger than Andre, or we sell a top young keeper to the highest bidder.