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Who Starts at Left Back, Fabinho or Ray Gaddis?

Once Amobi Okugo comes back from suspension, who should start at left back, Fabinho or Ray Gaddis? See what our staff has to say.

Left back options
Left back options
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Our staff answers this week's Hot Topic question:

Who starts at left back, Fabinho or Ray Gaddis?

    Murph- I don't make any judgements on a single match, but Fabinho has been working out well in the last few matches.

    Andrew Stoltzfus- Gaddis is a better defender, but offers nothing more because he has no left foot...Fabinho is not great defensively, is slower, but is dangerous going forward because of his crosses with his left foot...can we combine the two of them?

    Barry Evans- Fabinho - for me left backs should always be left footed.

    Doop Cast- Fabinho - we might lose a tad defensively but that is more than compensated for with the service. Our best chances to score are overwhelmingly from open-play crosses - we hardly ever break a team down through the middle.

    Heather Detwiler- Fabinho should be the starting left back. He has some great crosses into the box and better precision with his passes.

    Rich Ransom- Gaddis should start since it was his position since the beginning of the season.

    Nick Youngstein- Gaddis at left back, Fabinho should be moved to midfield

    Randy Molineaux- The left back job is Fabinho's. Both of them are a bit of defensive liabilities but I'd rather have Fabinho running down the left wing than Gaddis.

    Ed Welsh- Fabinho on the left.

    Eugene Rupinski- Fabinho. He's done better than Ray, and I like Ray. More solid, naturally left-footed.

    Brian Bogle- Fabinho, better service off the wing when he moves up offensively

    John Rossi- Fabinho has earned the left back spot as a result of his dangerous overlaps.

    Staci Altomari- Fabinho. But I didn't think we missed Amobi terribly last weekend. Depth!

    Dan Kenworthy- Fabinho is good but still green.

    As you can see, Fabinho is the overwhelming favorite within our staff. But as my good friend Staci Altomari said, "My answer is not a Gaddis put down at all. I just thought Fabinho was more capable in that particular position"

    Let us know what you think by commenting and voting on the poll.