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Poetry Corner Kicks: Fire 2 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks eyes a new trend that will surely take MLS by storm.

As great as Chicago Fire goalie Sean Johnson is, he was no match for the belly goal.
As great as Chicago Fire goalie Sean Johnson is, he was no match for the belly goal.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

If someone were to say to you at the beginning of the season that the Union would play the Fire three times and they would win two of the three, you’d probably take it, right? But if they were to ask you which one you wanted to lose, you might not be so eager to answer. The Philadelphia Union have played the Chicago Fire three times this year and have beaten them twice. This is good, but the loss on Saturday stung. The season is getting to crunch time and the Fire are on, well, fire.

Since the go-to tactic of giving the opposing team a red card didn’t work out for them this week, the Union tried a new approach that is sure to catch on throughout MLS- belly goals.

A team of innovation, are the Philly team in blue
They’ve had enough of headers and of shots from off a shoe
After Nyarko grabbed the lead to put the Fire in front
The Union knew the time was now to pull a special stunt
The strangest goal I ever saw played out on my home tele
Sheanon Williams scored a goal by shooting from his belly
Le Toux had sent a free kick in to find a Union player
Little did he know that Sheanon soon would score with flair
The game was tied for fifteen minutes- ‘till Magee would shoot
He launched it over Zac MacMath and scored from off his boot
A boring goal that lacked a touch of true imagination
It didn’t show the foresight of a belly adaptation
Alas the stats just do not care for how a goal was scored
They just care who scored more times not whether you were bored
I’m looking forward to the future- how the U will score
Butt-goals, face-goals, back-goals too- I would not ask for more