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Was sitting Jack on Sunday a good idea?

Was sitting Jack on Sunday a good idea or will it hurt him in the long run? See what our staff has to say.

Jack Ponders his status for Saturday's game
Jack Ponders his status for Saturday's game
Hunter Martin

Our Staff answers a hot topic question about Jack McInerney

  1. Was sitting Jack down on Sunday a good idea, or will it hurt him in the long run?
Barry Evans- I don't think it will hurt him as long as it doesn't turn into a prolonged benching. I don't think it will help him either. I also don't think it helps the team as the performance showed.

John Rossi- It'll hurt him. The only way for Jack to overcome his slump is for him to keep working. I don't think a bench spell will magically heal him.

Staci Altomari- How can it get worse? He hasn't scored since June 1st and hasn't been contributing at the rate we all come to expect in the early matches this season. Time to try a new medicine. Hopefully he took something useful from watching last night.

Brian Bogle- No, Conor Casey looked good but he could have used another attacker. We have to get jack's momentum going again if we want to have any type of playoff push because we are not seeing a lot of goals from other strikers to make up for what he was doing the first half of the season. This probably only hurt his confidence more.

Randy Molineaux- Jack sitting out a match in all reality should have happened 2 weeks ago but "better late than never". At this point the kid's confidence is on par with a pubescent 13 year old on his first day in high school. The kid needed a match on the bench and it should help him in the long term.

John Whitesall- It was a good idea. He's very young, so nothing much will hurt him for a while.

Doop Cast- Given the (admittedly baffling) lineup and formation John Hackworth put together Conor Casey was a better choice as a lone forward, so on that basis, Jack should have been on the bench. That particular 'benching' will have no effect on him in the long or short run.

Matt Ralph- I think it was a good move to take some of the pressure off him. Sitting out a game every once in a while can be a good way for younger players to take a step back, gain perspective and some needed humility. I wish Zac Macmath would get the same treatment.