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Live: 8/28/2013 John Hackworth Press Conference

Soapboxes and the blamegame. Recap and video (via YouTube) of John Hackworth's weekly press conference for 8/28/13.

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I am able to summarize this press conference in just a few words: soapboxes, blamegame and Kelberson.  And no, "Roger Torres" does not appear anywhere in the transcript.

Coach began the press conference with a 2 and a half minute soapbox (his word) rant about last Saturday. As expected, he "accepted responsibility" and blamed the ref all at once. "I don't think there's enough recognition that there's a massive decision in that game that goes against us that changes everything, it changes momentum, it changed the outcome for the game, it also changes possible outcomes for playoff scenarios. It is so critical that I don't think there is enough that is being talked about on that side of it."

Ray Gaddis and Keon Daniel are both questionable. Coach Hack discussed moving Sheanon Williams to centerback, with Lahoud, Kassel and Albright as our other options for this week's game of musical defense. Aaron Wheeler who has "done a great job in training the last two days" could be played at centerback, with the usual cast of characters in their respective positions.

To replace Keon, "Michael Farfan would be an obvious choice." Kleberson and Leo Fernandes were also mentioned here. Lineup will depend on Gaddis' status this weekend. Hackworth says, regarding Kelberson that he "has done a good job in training so I think hes ready for an opportunity. But for him to have not played a 90 minute game for so long its gonna be really hard for us to in all ways think that it would be easy for him to come in." Contradictions all day. The award for most confusing statement of the 22 minute press conference is award to the statement "It's only a problem if the only problem of the Philadelphia Union is that we're not playing Kleberson. And that's not a problem for me at all." I have no idea what this means but translations are welcome in the comments.

Coach doesn't feel the balance of our season hinges on this weekend's match against Montreal. "What we need to do is we need to get results in the next 8 games. While this game is a fantastic chance for us to do that at home, we know that we have to manage it right in the next 8 games to make the playoffs."

Did being left out of the starting XI have an effect on Jack? "Jack and I talked earlier in the week last week about our decision to not start him. He took it really well like any guy in our locker room would."

The next question was about Don Anding's chances of seeing some playing time given the current roster. Coach Hackworth responded that Andling is down in the depth chart and not likely to see any playing time. He is also not a right back and could not fill this position.

The final question of the day was regarding the McInerney-Casey-LeToux combo and if they can be put out together.  "Our arrangement that has been most successful this year is to have Connor and Jack playing as our forwards and moving Sebestian to the right to left wing and playing more as a midfielder. We haven't been as good when we try to play all three in a 4-3-3. The 4-3-3 means that you have to have certain traits for all three of those positions from a #9 to a 7 and 11. I don't think we fit that perfectly. The option is that we put them on the field in a 4-4-2, and we've certainly had a lot of success that way."