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Poetry Corner Kicks: Revolution 5 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks - The Union got all wet

Union coach John Hackworth is not impressed.
Union coach John Hackworth is not impressed.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

That was embarrassing. Who are these Philadelphia Union anyway? Are they the team that kept Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill from scoring? Or are they the team that allowed Kelyn Rowe (twice) and Juan Agudelo (more or less twice) and Diego Fagundez to score? The New England Revolution "released the river" on the Union at home and flooded them out of the stadium. The Union defense seemed out of sorts and the result was a washed out team heading home soaked. On with the recap.

The goals came raining down upon
The guests at field Gillette
The Union were the visitors
Who ended up all wet
New England kept it coming and
The U could not keep pace
They tied the game but after that
They just could not save face
The first goal of the night was shot
From young’un Kelyn Rowe
His strike would stay low to the ground
A distance strike maestro
Then hope would come in for the U
From energetic Cruz
A perfect ball from Casey’s feet
Then shot from Danny’s shoes
But after that the wheels fell off
Or so the saying goes
Two Union goals were disallowed
To kick off Union woes
A goal from Agudelo by
The way of Okugo
Swung the game back to the Revs
A rout became the show
Again from distance Kelyn Rowe
To beat a tall MacMath
Fagundez left the U as wet
As dipping in a bath
The score now four to one as the
U played with a thud
But Agudelo scored once more
To finished off the flood
The Union were left drowning in the
Tide of their meltdown
Swept out of the stadium
And swimming out of town
The Union back at home next week
L’ Impact stopping by
A game that tells a playoff tale
Let’s hope the U stay dry