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Poetry Corner Kicks: Red Bulls 0 - Union 0

The Union in New Jersey- take six...

This is another time that the ball DIDN'T go into the goal.
This is another time that the ball DIDN'T go into the goal.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The sixth time’s a charm.  Yes, it took six tries but the Philadelphia Union finally earned a point at Red Bull Arena.  It was a good time to get a point too, since there is only one point separating teams 1 – 4 in the Eastern Conference.  Just how did this point-getting unfold?  Glad you asked...

Sekagya, Olave, and Holgersson played
With Steele, Alexander, Henry, and Barklage
Miller, Cahill, with Lloyd Sam and McCarty
Joined Robles, Espindola, Peguy to party
But these were just half of the men on the pitch
The Union came also their points to enrich
Parke and Okugo, Fabinho and Cruz,
Williams and Casey, Jack Mac and Le Toux
Wheeler came also with Farfan and Daniel
Hoppenot, Zac, and team cap’ Brian Carroll
They all came to play, to wage war on the field
But throughout all the match they found neither would yield
Headers by ‘Spindola, Cahill were saved
Hoppenot shot but was stopped by Robles
Steele shot just wide of the spot where he’d aimed
Le Toux struck a shot that bounced off of the frame
These teams in a dead-lock for all ninety minutes
From whistle to whistle and no one would win it
The Union would leave with a point on the road
They’ll take it for here they would norm'lly implode
Just nine games to go and the standings are tight
The Union still keep the post-season in sight