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Upcoming Series: Brotherly Game's Take On Fixing The Cap And More

We'll have some in depth suggestions on transparency, solutions to salary cap inefficiency and more.

Richard Wolowicz

The Major League Soccer salary cap is secretive, it's clumsy in appearance and application in the eyes of the fans of the league and it's also counter productive to PR efforts by the league's head quarters in regard to increasing media attention and continued fan discussion in and out of the regular season.

The Brotherly Game will be publishing a series of posts in the upcoming days that will cover fixing the salary cap, improving the transfer system and will also address the lack of transparency when it comes to money in MLS.

MLS is growing and raising the credibility of American soccer world wide, but it has limited itself in its own markets by refusing to properly inform the fans, in direct opposition to the way the other four major sports leagues choose to do business.

Some simple tweaks could not only make fans of MLS more involved in their teams, more knowledgeable about the game and inner workings of clubs and MLS, but they also could help the league's bottom line in the short term and long term.

Be on the lookout for a story stream post and articles following said post soon.