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Poetry Corner Kicks: United 0 - Union 2

PCK imagines Conor Casey as the master teaching his young apprentices.

Union target man Conor Casey shows the young'uns how it's done.
Union target man Conor Casey shows the young'uns how it's done.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United put out its youngest line up in team history against the Philadelphia Union.  Last year, this would be the kind of game that the Union would drop at home.  This year however, they do a pretty decent job of beating the teams that they should beat.  That being said, Conor Casey took the young D.C. forwards to school on finishing.  So in that spirit, below is advice from the elder Casey, sitting down with his young wards (the young D.C. attackers) and teaching them about the beautiful game.  Picture Casey with a big brown robe sitting in the middle of a pristinely cut soccer field as his charges sit eagerly at his feet...

My apprentices, come hither
And I’ll show you tricks and skills
For a forward in his infancy
Will need the game distilled
The first thing you will need
Is a man providing service
If you try this on your own
You’ll feel pressure and get nervous
Just look at me in thirty-five
Le Toux, the clever bloke
Just gave a flick-on header which
I simply had to poke
Then forty minutes later saw
A cross from new Fabinho
The lefty lobbed a perfect ball
I struck for the goalinho
Lest you think a forward’s job
Is foremost on the team
Please do not forget the folks
Who work behind the scenes
We pitched a perfect shutout
For our defense was divine
They watch their backs, you saw first-hand
When Sheanon cleared the line
The forwards get the glory
And mids get their share too
But don’t forget the game is won
By more than me or you
Learn from De Rosario
Who beat our whole back line
He still could not get his shot off
You need the team to shine
So learn these lessons well young ones
And smoother paths you’ll tread
Just watch and learn from Conor C.
...And maybe shave your heads