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Poetry Corner Kicks: Whitecaps 0 - Union 1

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The Union are starting a new tradition.

Antoine Hoppenot signals that the Union have a one man advantage.  Again.
Antoine Hoppenot signals that the Union have a one man advantage. Again.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

The Philadelphia Union now have 34 points on the season and sit in fourth place in the Eastern conference. In the tightly contested standings however, anything can still happen. The Union are four points from falling out of a playoff spot, but are also just two points behind leaders Sporting KC. Let’s hope the power of poetry can inspire them to more victories. Doesn’t poetry just inspire you to victories? Don’t answer that... On to the recap!

A new tradition has begun
On fields where games are lost and won
A game within a game has grown
Called: "Red Card to the Union foes"
It started early in this match
As Davidson was soon dispatched
He used his head for an attack
To head-butt Keon in the back
Again the U were up a man
This must be part of their game plan
But still Vancouver scrapped and fought
And filled the air with many shots
Teibert tried to chip MacMath
But put the ball on the wrong path
It beat the ‘keep and made him sweat
And struck the wrong side of the net
Then in minute twenty-four
Jack and Knighton hit the floor
Both went up to get the ball
And hit their heads like hitting walls
Two quick chances by the ‘Caps
Were shot on either side of half
Miller hit his shot just wide
And Manneh hit the post in stride
Knighton dove and saved a thwack
From newly minted All-Star Jack
MacMath, who would not be outshone,
Stoned Camilo all alone
When minute eighty-five rolled ‘round
The back of net was fin’lly found
Hoppenot struck for the U
(a great assist from Wheeler’s shoe)
One to nil the final score
The Union did what they came for
Three points on the road were won
They hit the showers and were gone