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Poetry Corner Kicks: FC Dallas 2 - Union 2

The Philadelphia Union tie FC Dallas, but break my heart.

The refs break with tradition for this game and calculate stoppage time with a sun dial.
The refs break with tradition for this game and calculate stoppage time with a sun dial.

Going into this game, if someone had told me that the Philadelphia Union would earn a tie against a top-of-the-table MLS team, I would have taken it. So why does this tie against FC Dallas feel so much like a loss? It is the ever changing tide of emotions when it comes to ties. When it is your team that steals one at the end, it can feel like a win. If it is your team that gives up the late goal to concede a tie, it can feel like a loss. The cruel objectivities of ties leave us painfully aware of the role our emotions play in fandom. Such is sport. On with the recap ...

With open doors at PPL
The Union played as hosts
But Dallas came to steal a win
And win the right to boast
The Union came in riding high
From recent games they’d played
And Dallas had not won a game
Since the last week of May
Jack would try to start things off
A volley was the point
But off his foot into the stands
His shot would disappoint
Then Williams with his sling-shot arms
Would toss into the box
A ball that ‘Kugo headed home;
A quick start from the blocks
But soon the trav’ling Dallas fans
Were given cause to cheer
As Zimmerman used his head too
An answer quite severe
Many cards were given out
As play continued on
Including red to Watson whose
Theatrics fooled no one
Then in minute eighty-seven
Wheeler skied above
And headed home the second goal
Just passed the goalies’ gloves
The Union now were up by one
It seemed a win sublime
But after minute ninety struck
They played for a long time
In minute ninety-two Perez
Would call for refs to check
He thought his strike had crossed the line
A case for goal-line tech
But Blas could feel a bit relieved
The game was not yet through
They’d play until he scored again
To tie up with the U