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Capping Off A Win: Vancouver Whitecaps 0-1 Philadelphia Union

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Up a man for 82 minutes, the Philadelphia Union frequently struggled but eventually brokethrough and picked up a 1-0 win on the road.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

The Vancouver Whitecaps came into this match undefeated at BC Place. That unbeaten streak ended on Saturday when the Union picked up a 1-0 win on the road against the Whitecaps.

This match was very ugly, and it involved once again the Union going up a man. In the 8th minute, Jun Marques Davidson did a very naughty thing by head-butting Keon Daniel from behind. Davidson was rightfully shown red and was sent off the pitch to think about what he done.

Once going up a man once again, the Union did as the Union tend to do in these situations, and not be able to press the situation as much as they could. Despite how numbering Vancouver 4-2 in the midfield, the Union had trouble controlling the game and really generating much in the way of chances and in fact, Vancouver were the ones that had more of the near-misses.

But it would be the Union who finally broke through in the 85th minute when Aaron Wheeler and Antoine Hoppenot combined for the eventual game-winning goal. Wheeler had a breathtakingly orgasmic backheel to Hoppenot, who turned it into a brilliant strike past the helpless Brad Knighton.

The Union would hold on to the lead in the final 5 minutes plus stoppage time without any incident, alleviating fears of many a Union fan who surely felt the Union, up a man with points in hand, would once again drop points thanks to a goal in the final kick in the match. That did not happen here, and the Union became the first team this season to walk away from BC Place with three points.

More on this game later.