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Poetry Corner Kicks: Timbers 0 - Union 0

What would Dr. Seuss say if he recapped the Union v. Timbers?

Union goalie Zac MacMath was doing this all night.
Union goalie Zac MacMath was doing this all night.

A point against the Portland Timbers is not too bad. They’re a decent team and sit in second place in the Western Conference. But the Philadelphia Union had their chances. In fact, they had numerous chances, but an in-form Donovan Ricketts made sure none of them went in the net. Fortunately for the Union, they had their own in-form goalie in Zac MacMath who stifled just as many chances by the Timbers. The final score was 0-0 because there were just too many saves. In honor of these saves, Poetry Corner Kicks blatantly riffs on an old poetry standard, "Too Many Daves" by Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss). Read the original here first! On with the recap ... "Too Many Saves"

Did I ever tell you ‘bout all of the saves
When Portland played Philly and shots came in waves?
A constant barrage, but the strikes faced the wrath
Of Ricketts’s big hands or the feet of MacMath
First Johnson was stoned in the twenty-forth minute
Then Jewsbury tried, but his shot wouldn’t win it
A fast-running Cruz would then sprint past the D
And sent Ricketts diving his save guaranteed
An effort from point-blank was tried by Valeri
MacMath held his ground and the danger was parried
A charging MacMath also stopped Piquionne
(A through-ball from Nagbe sent him on his own)
Jack Mac who was back from his Senior Team call
One-timed it to Casey who volleyed the ball
A powerful strike to the corner of net
But Ricketts showed Timbers’ fans they needn’t fret
Fernandes then fired a laser to goal
He got it past Ricketts but not past the pole
So many attempts from Jeff Parke and LeToux
From Nagbe and Johnson, and young Danny Cruz
From Piquionne, Jewsbury, Casey’s big feet
And even from someone named ‘Drew Jean-Baptiste
They all tried their best, but a tie was their fate
They just couldn’t score one and now it’s too late