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VIDEO: Sons Of Ben Featured On NBCSN's MLS Insider

A look at how the supporters group transcends chants in the stands at PPL Park.

NBC Sports Network debuted a magazine show called "MLS Insider" last week, and the Philadelphia Union's supporters group, the Sons of Ben, were profiled on the first ever episode.

From the promo:

Before the Philadelphia Union even existed a group of Philadelphia soccer fans banded together to create the Sons of Ben, a supporters group that has shown loyalty beyond the pitch.

Through SB Nation's partnership with the program, we here at the Brotherly Game are hosting an embedded version of the Sons of Ben portion of the show.


I've personally known Brad Youtz, who is the focal point of the Sons of Ben profile, for a few years now, and I was around the Sons of Ben during the time the event and outreach occurred. It was truly inspiring to see how the Sons of Ben gathered and rallied to help out Youtz, who never was looking for the thousands of members to lend a hand.

If you're looking for a feel good story within soccer, this really is one.