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Poetry Corner Kicks: Toronto FC 1 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks says- Keep Pluggin' Away Union.

The game wasn't made any easier when Major League Soccer made them play with a huge ball.
The game wasn't made any easier when Major League Soccer made them play with a huge ball.

Don’t worry everyone, Poetry Corner Kicks is back! I realize that skipping a poetry recap feels like being a TFC fan after minute 85, but even I need a vacation once in a while. Though I was away from home, I wasn’t away from the Union as I was able to watch their game against the Nor’easters in the USOC. Though, when a vacation is supposed to be relaxing that is perhaps not the wisest of viewing choices.

Like the US Open Cup game, the Philadelphia Union found a way to play down to the competition against a ten-man Toronto FC. A win would have been nice given the circumstances, but a road tie is better than nothing. They may not be the prettiest team to watch, but as long as the Union have Jack McInerney, they will somehow find a way to keep plugging away and grinding out results. Let’s not even think about what might happen if Jack leaves for USMNT duty this summer. In honor of the Union’s plugging away, I will blatantly riff on a poem called "Keep A-Pluggin’ Away" by Paul Laurence Dunbar (you can see the original here). On with the recap...

Now the Union have a motto
That is homely, but it’s true –
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
Give the ball to young Jack Mac
And he’ll do what he will do –
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
When they’re looking for a tie
Or a late win by and by
Then a goal Jack will supply
Keep a-pluggin’ away

When LeToux’s shot hit the bar
What did Union faithful say?
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
When MacMath and Henry fought
What resulted from the fray?
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
Then in minute forty-one
Henry’s slide was overdone
Could the Union make a run?
Keep a-pluggin’ away.

Then a ten-man TFC
Scored to take a home-field lead
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
A result looked in the offing
How’d the Union then proceed?
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
When Toronto failed to clear
Jack would play the bombardier
Causing Union fans to cheer:
Keep a-pluggin’ away.

So the Union stole a point
From their trip to BMO field
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
If you keep on with this motto
A result will be revealed
Keep a-pluggin’ away.
Just keep giving Jack the ball
He will carry through it all
(Unless the Senior Team will call)
Keep a-pluggin’ away.