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Mailbags And Radio Shows

A post on some upcoming weekly (or more often) posts on the Brotherly Game.

Clive Mason

Here are two announcements for the Brotherly Game about upcoming content additions:

  1. We're restarting our weekly (or more often) radio/podcast show. SB Nation has partnered with Blog Talk Radio for broadcasting opportunities and we here at the Brotherly Game have joined up with the program. The show is "Brotherly Game Live" and it will feature myself as the main host with a rotating co-host - a member of the Brotherly Game staff or a member of the Union's media - along with at least one guest every week. BTR allows for listeners to call in, so we'll have time for that as well, mimicking WIP and 97.5's style of talk show, minus the exaggerated opinions and soccer hating.
  2. In addition to the talk show, Brotherly Game will have a weekly "mailbag" post. You post questions on Twitter, Facebook, through email ( or in the weekly 'reminder' post. I'll select a number of them to answer and then post the questions/answers in a new article.
Feel free to start posting your Mailbag questions now.