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McInerney Talks About Nowak, Hackworth, Teammates And Music On Philly Sports Talk

The goal scorer was his typically low key self on CSN Philly's "Philly Sports Talk."

Drew Hallowell

Jack McInerney was the athlete guest on last night's edition of the Michael Barkann hosted "Philly Sports Talk," formerly "Daily News Live," on CSN Philly. Here are some of the quotes from his appearance on the show:

  • Barkann asks McInerney difference betwen current head coach John Hackworth and former head coach Peter Nowak. "He communicates better. Peter did his own thing," McInerney said.
  • McInerney on what he thinks is his best goal in Major League Soccer: "Last year's winner versus New England."
  • McInerney on who his funniest Union teammate is: "Zac MacMath." Ranked himself "dead last."
  • McInerney on whether or not he practices goal celebrations: "I personally don't" practice goal celebrations. Teammates do.
  • McInerney on player he looked up to growing up: "Thierry Henry." Barkann noted that it's an interesting on field rivalry for McInerney when the Philadelphia Union play the New York Red Bulls.
  • McInerney on what his pre-game music choices are: "I listen to a lot of Drake."