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LIVE: 5/22/2013 Rob Vartughian Press Conference

John Hackworth takes a seat this week as the Union's Technical Director steps up to the podium for a press conference.

Live updates as the press conference unfolds:

  • Vartughian just insinuated that the players who have been given a chance in the midfield have "been good."
  • Jeff Parke is "100 percent."
  • "We're talking about" Soumare playing "this week."
  • "He's a player that's played very well for us." Vartughian says they're still looking for a deal for him.
  • "Michael Lahoud is out, but everyone else is healthy." I've been told by a source that Lahoud may need surgery on his groin.
  • "We wanted Danny Cruz [against] Wells Thompson..." Also said that they know Marfan is comfortable on the right side.
  • Where does this leave Keon Daniel? "We'll see."
  • "We're happy with all of those guys," in reference to Kleberson, Daniel and Marfan.
  • Vartughian on @NYCFC: "I think it's great. It elevates the league."
  • "It's going to create natural rivalries and big games."
  • "We haven't talked about Jeff as an outside back. Jeff's a center back for us." And with that, the presser abruptly stops.